Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Primer for The Good Guy - First Installment

It isn't difficult to be a good guy, but as with most things, the devil is in the details. From time to time I'll post a few things (some important, some not so much) that every man should know, but sometimes forgets. Here then (in no particular order) are a few guidelines for doing it the right way.

Baseball Caps
They are made to keep the sun out of your eyes - not off of your neck or ears. They are to be worn brim forward - ALWAYS. How you treat the brim is totally up to you - a subtle curve is the norm, but you may choose to curl it extremely (The Fratboy), leave it totally flat (The Wanna-Be Rapper), or even curl the front edge up slightly (The Welder). TAKE THE STICKERS OFF.

Put The Seat Back Down

The Cell Phone - Part 1
Answer it, as often as you are able. If you're not going to answer it (in a meeting, on a date, etc.), leave it in the car or turn it off.

The Cell Phone - Part 2
Unless you are a member of a law enforcement agency, or Batman, you should not have anything attached to your belt.

Body Hair
Have some. Unless you are a professional swimmer (you aren't) or bodybuilder (you shouldn't be), it's appropriate for a man to have hair on his body. Want to keep it maintained, that's up to you.

It is perfectly acceptable to wear an athletic jersey, if you are actually a member of that particular team, and are playing or practicing, right now. If not, don't.

Sing Along
At a concert, on the dance floor, in the car or shower, every one feels it from time to time and is irresistibly compelled to sing along. Fine. However, if the song you are singing along with is by a woman, I will point you out.

Shine Your Shoes

Try Not to Cuss (So Much)
You should try to watch your language, especially around women and kids. However, there are times when a well chosen, perfectly timed expletive is not only acceptable but absolutely necessary. In these cases, try to be situationally appropriate and creative - mix it up a bit.

That's enough for now, but trust me, there's plenty more to come. And remember, The Good Guy is always up for a spirited debate, so if you disagree with or feel the need to embellish upon any of the above, let me hear from you.

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