Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ultimate Impromptu Weekender - with Options

Summer, sadly, is winding down. As the last long weekend of the sultry season looms, The Good Guy offers this outline of one last perfectly impetuous getaway.

Start with a destination, easily attainable. Remember that friend with the lake house (Option - beach house or weekend country home) who is always telling you to “Just drop by anytime, we’re there every weekend?” Time to take them up on it. No need to even call in advance, as long as the invitation was proffered in earnest. Trust me on this one – the lost art of the drop in, long forgotten in this day of instant, constant cellular communication, is an art nonetheless. However, be prepared to turn your overnight plans into a day trip if all accommodations are already spoken for by family and other friends seeking similar refuge. Thus, a destination within an easy and enjoyable 1 to 2 hour drive is highly recommended.

Once your destination is determined, grab your essentials and go - the essentials in this case consisting primarily of a change of clothes. Opt for simplicity and flexibility. Pair Levi’s recently reintroduced 201 jeans in selvage denim (Option – Billy Reid trousers in cotton twill or linen) with a Hamilton 1883 linen pullover (Option – Tupelo Grease Co. vintage soft tee). Finish this perfectly casual collection with a splash of color by sporting Ralph Lauren’s Tameron driver (Option – Converse All-Stars in original white). Assuming your destination affords the opportunity to beat the heat by immersing one’s self, toss in a pair of Original Penguin trunks (Option – Vilebrequin) whose classic cut and shorter inseam will perfectly accentuate the toned and tan physic you’ve undoubtedly spent the last several weeks perfecting. (Option – you’ll make some headway in reducing the golfer’s tan you’ve probably spent all summer reinforcing.) Reduce the glare off of the water, and disguise any unavoidable sideways glances at your host’s co-ed niece, visiting with sorority sisters for the weekend, behind a pair of Oliver Peoples Patton aviators (Option – Rayban Outdoorsman). Toss this collection, along with your dopp kit, into your Marc Jacobs leather duffle (Option – Jon Hart Design) and hit the road for more relaxing climes.

Speaking off hitting the road, enjoy the trip immensely while cutting a dashing and unique figure on the interstate by tossing that duffle into the shotgun seat of Porsche’s 2011 Boxter Spyder, an upgraded-on-all-points version of the venerable automaker’s most affordable option, now much more stylishly re-imagined with an obvious nod to it’s vintage brothers. (Option – early 1970’s Ford Bronco, with the hard top permanently removed.) Turn off your cell phone, turn up The Black Keys Brothers (Option – all of the Reckless Kelly on your ITunes) and let the wind in your hair and the sun on your face work away the stress like a $200 an hour, strong-handed Swedish masseuse.

Remember, no self-respecting Good Guy shows up empty-handed. For your hostess, a bottle of Patz&Hall chardonnay, perfect for pairing with fresh fish and crisp veggies from the grill (Option – Rombauer.) For your host, a handful of H. Upmann torpedos, to be shared over neat glasses of Highland Park 12 year old scotch and several games of Gin at a nickel a point, quarter a box. (Option – the aforementioned Highland Park.)

Inevitably, the evening must come to a close, probably before you are ready to call it a night. After the others have retired to their respective quarters, finish that last glass and close out an excellent evening with a few chapter of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom (Option – Steig Larrson.)

To insure that your impromptu drop-in is appreciated by your hosts, rise early (ish) and get a head start on preparing breakfast – a simple spread of mimosas and fresh fruit will suffice, while eggs scrambled with fresh herbs and cheese, accompanied by crisp bacon, sliced tomatoes and avocados will leave a more lasing impression but require more clean-up.

Afterwards, simply make your goodbyes and hit the road early enough to ensure you haven’t overstayed your welcome. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll probably be back within a few weeks anyway.

As always, The Good Guy, pleased at the proposition of a few more weeks of summer but looking forward to cooler weather as well, welcomes your feedback.