Monday, May 3, 2010

A Primer for The Good Guy – Second Installment

More Random Notes on Living Life as A Good Guy

Buy a Suit – I know, but you’d be surprised…
Start with black, with a subtle chalk stripe – good for all occasions. Then, add a summer suit in some shade of khaki. Next grey, then navy, with varying patterns – like a grey glen plaid (redundant, we know) and a subtle windowpane in navy. Pay attention to details like lining and stitching. Stick to classic cuts, professionally fit and tailored, always in 100% wool (Super 120’s or better) – with no more than 3 buttons! With reasonable wear and care, they will last a very long time and you won’t ever have to worry about whether
it’s in style.

Then – buy a Tuxedo. Seriously.

Grow a full beard – once. Then, shave it off.

Learn to Play Poker
I don’t just mean learn the rules, but at least get a working knowledge of the basic strategy. And learn to play more than just the currently uber-popular Texas Hold ‘Em – add Omaha and Seven Card Stud for a reasonably well-rounded repertoire. Stay away from online play – the best part of the game is the interaction between players at the table, in and out of hands. Then, once you’ve gotten good enough that you’re winning regularly, and feel you’re ready to take on the pros – discard that notion immediately!

Start your own business – at least once. Good luck.

Drink Scotch
If you’re not already a scotch drinker, stay tuned and I’ll share a tried and true path to appreciation soon. Suffice it to say for now, a man should be able to enjoy a nice glass of scotch now and then, without grimacing. Cut it with anything from 2 cubes of ice, a splash of water or club soda with a lemon twist to maintain respectability on your part and integrity on the drink’s part. Try several varieties of single malts to settle on the flavor that suits you best. Bt – don’t be snob about it. There’s nothing wrong with a decent blended scotch at weddings, parties – anywhere the bar is open.

Fall in love – as many times as it takes.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your shoes, and your sheets.

Don’t overspend on neckties or haircuts.

Respect Your Elders – simple enough.

Play an Instrument

The rudimentary ability to play just about any instrument will do wonders for your love life, and even earn you a modicum of respect among your peers, if displayed appropriately. I recommend the acoustic guitar. It’s affordable at the entry level, portable, and much like poker, simple to get a basic feel for, though you will probably never become a truly accomplished player. Start with G, C and D major chords, add E and A, then the E and A minors, and you know have the ability to play literally thousands of songs. Do not then become the guy who breaks it out at every gathering… “I gave my love a cherry…”

Have Convictions.

Be firm in them. And, know when it’s time to adjust them.

As always, The Good Guy – firm in his convictions, still welcomes your feedback.