Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Lost Art of Saying “Thanks”

In today’s world of e-mails, texts and tweets, when even having an actual telephone conversation seems to be an obsolete practice, the handwritten, sincere sentiment has become a truly lost art. However, this month is the perfect time to resurrect this bygone tradition, and so it becomes the topic of The Good Guy’s first official post.

Christmas is two weeks behind us. Thank You’s are due to those who helped make your holiday season better or brighter, and the only appropriate way to truly thank someone is with a handwritten note. Trust me, the recipient will be pleasantly surprised by your gesture, and it will definitely leave an impression.

The message can be simple, but should be specific - “Thank you for _______, it meant a lot to me because ________.”

To leave a truly lasting impression, send your thoughts with style. Select a card with personality and character, something which reflects your own sensibilities, whatever they may be. Attention to quality details such as fine, heavier papers and embossed or engraved qraphics - from a simple monogram or illustration to elaborate patterns - can turn your simple gesture into a cherished memento.

Most quality stationers offer a wide variety of options, in packages or single cards, allowing you to further customize your note to the recipient. I suggest taking the practice to a higher level by creating your own unique cards, suitable for any occasion. Use them throughout the year for anything from Thank You's for gifts, follow ups for job interviews or simple thoughts such as “I saw this and thought of you.” (I received a message to that effect as I was writing this post - thanks Lauren.)

For more great ideas, unique greeting cards and custom stationary packages, check out PH Design Shop. My friends Chris and Amanda make it easy to select or create the perfect package for your unique sentiment and sensibility, and those who receive them are sure to appreciate your effort far more than the 5 minutes or $5 it actually cost you.


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  2. You're welcome...& I'm digging the blog :) Patiently awaiting the next installment...

  3. So where is my thank you note? LOL!!