Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flirting 101

This isn't the typical post from The Good Guy, but for those of you who asked, here you go...

Recently, CW 39 in Houston asked The Good Guy, accompanied by Houston’s own Dating Diva, Lori Geshay, to share some tips on Flirting, as part of their on-going series Dating 101. If you missed it live, you can still view the segment here.

Of course 3 minutes isn’t a lot of time, so here’s the info we originally provided the producers, based on their questions. Hope you enjoy.

Flirting Tips for Men

Be Yourself
Don’t try to put on a front and be someone you are not. Use your best attributes, such as humor, intelligence, etc., with out showing off. If you aren’t a good match, it’s best to find out now.

Be Confident
Put your best foot forward and be secure in who you are. Know you look your best. Smile and make frequent eye contact. But, know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Be Respectful
Be polite, never pushy. Persistence is attractive, to a point. A subtle touch can lead to sparks, but don’t be all hands. Don’t flirt with women who are already on dates, and NEVER flirt with other women while you are with one.

Be Sincere
Tell her what you really think – as long as it’s appropriate. However, don’t just agree with everything she says if you don’t mean it. It’s OK to tell a woman you find her attractive, in the right way. However, “You are so hot!” is not the right way to start a conversation.

Be Observant
Notice the little things – eyes, shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc. Listen more than you talk, and above all else – remember her name.

Be Positive
Have only good things to say.

Be Original
She’s heard it ALL before, so stay away from pick-up lines. Don’t compliment her on the obvious – again, be observant and notice the little things.

How to Know When A Woman is Flirting With You

Is she doing any of the things listed above? Ie, eye contact, smiling, compliments, touching or other positive body language.

Quite frankly, if a woman says just about anything positive to you, from “What a beautiful day!” to “I like your shirt.” and displays any of the above behavior, consider that an opportunity to extend the conversation.

FYI - “You’re blocking the TV.” or “I’m just here with my girlfriends.” Is not an open invitation to begin a conversation.

As always, The Good Guy does not claim to be an expert - and moreover, acknowledges that everyone has their own style - so if you have something to add, please do.

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